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reached the Atoll

May 8, 2011

after mostly relaxed sailing with often wonderful company about now four days (1, 2, 3, 4), with many stops and much sneaking around, i reached yesterday the atoll.


rounding Heterocera Atoll

April 29, 2011


2nd-edition, 2 years later, this time the outlined round

some ago i started for a turn without knowing if it would be possible, if the native resis would be harsh or if there even are some.
A detailed map were not available that time. But that were no mater all, due i wouldn’t had used it.

On that cruise i rounded the inner Atoll (Heterocera Atoll) coast, which were not every time easy at all

But the motto, which were lend out by a real nice person “take your time”. So it were done and also gave an other basic rule in “have fun!”.

So back to the second continent of SL a 2nd time. A strong need to round it again, but this time its outside, started to build up in me. Meet some nice ppl and learn their culture. Take the challenge of unknown water/land and last but not least cruise relaxed and enjoy some culture events or cool locations on the route.

But what ever might happens – if the boat runs on a riff and sinks, if the water way is blocked by an overbuild or ban-line, all will be taken easy and relaxed. Whatever happens, a shipyard might be just around the corner, the overbuilding Owner may even do not know that His nice build disturb or the Owner might have just waited ages for a nice buoy to set on His believed needed ban-line.

Well, an intend like this multi-month cruise requests the right mantra too.

Hm, what could it be?

Lets see, what guiding words would be for me are on this:

curiosity? oh definitively, being so interested in any unknown, must take a look around, ask and tickle all unknown a bit till it gives an idea of its being.

Yes! the desire to learn other cultures. thats it, thats my mantra for this cruise.

Well, some preparation and planing might be needed too.

Which boat will i choose? The weather might be tough so maybe a nice ONE looks nice. But on the other hand there will be for sure bottlenecks where a ONE would run aground.

Hm, i will need to think about…

ok, will do a logbook of my turn.