old nings – north by north-west

north by north-west, 2008-08-01, by D.Spitz
maybe some more in the group logbook – sailing tours

I sailed northwards in this area

A friendly rezzplace and surely a place to fix up some things on your boat. You can also rent a place on the pier. Brooks Wharf.

Also you find some nice galleries here. For example “Pier 12” here is at the moment of writing the exhibition “Space Art”, really impressive pictures, dont miss it and also dont miss this cute little “star wars”-like robot, which is there too.
Here is so much nice art explore it!

This place is a wonderful new combination of old, now unused reanimate with beautiful art. But there is still some kind of bitterness in this changing society. Whatever, nothing we cant fix with a cold glas champagne, cant we?
You may love this wide spectrum of good artist as i do. Sail&Art anice combination, but dont forget to get your ship ready, you may want to sail some miles today ;).

I set myself a nice wind (/1 set wind 220 8) and raise the sails

and next?
maybe some course proposal:
north-east, then west, after a bit north by north-west and then north?
Only ideas You will need to find Your course by Your self πŸ˜‰

La esquina donde trabajo, Arianti (220, 1, 21) boat- and kart-trailer. buy mermaid-things, rezz @ Mermaid’s Dream, Arianti (123, 11, 25)
VIVO! Ocean Marina Portugal Sail, Horrorbag (25, 144, 25) Flack Vollmar from VIVO showed me the rezz-place Vivo! Public Canal to Open Ocean, Horrorbag (60, 121, 21) You need some fate to sail out of it, cause the neighbors ban-line in the north and big yacht. (angefragt: rezzspace, events)
north-by north-west http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dunai%20West/128/128/2

club for rent to have a nice evening party with your friends after the first part of the journey Club Hypnotic VIP, Fortimus (79, 19, 21), talk to XxxDestinyxxX Capalini.

Chill out at the Club/bar Endeavour Cove, Earpoint (89, 81, 23) at night with a marina for your boat #

Forget the dress for the evening, want to get fast a nice gift for you beloved? Endeavour Cove, Earpoint (201, 73, 24) may be your help. Here are some nice shops to buy somthing and a good place to rezz your boat too.

darker club with rezz point From Dusk To Dawn (Gang of 69), Devilbrook (136, 159, 21) (talk to TranquilMoonDancer Timeless)

romantic underwater world Romance Sidee’s Atlantis, Devilb, Devilbrook (165, 34, 5)

FVG Fortimus Annex, Fortimus (182, 1, 19)

always a handbreadth water under the keel wish u


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