logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/04/30 1

now the fun begins, no way back, ship is in wonderful condition, packed and the maps are up-to-date. Its time to go. For the real annoying i will take the WaterTroubleBase with me, so being able to note that water. What ever sadly LL changed the ability to submit cases on wrong LL-water-settings, so basic residents are no longer able to fill that. So i made a jira-ticket and will promote the idea of letting basics fill this case-type again.
early, just before the morning light, i am on the dock of Jopies “Free Adriatic” marina, checking all and finally release the ropes.

Ciao Marina

this is first partjust entering the peace-full waters of the east-river, sailing up to the north and
stopping by the free-town of Helvellyn. The East-River-Community celebrates its 3rd birthday. YAH!!! Happy birthday!sitting some in this relaxing cafe, visiting some galleries.
Back on my nutshell sailing to Mowry Bay Yacht Club, which lays just behind the city wall and down the road. On the east-rivers north end the boat and me turned westward and were nearly scratching an old and as persistent known ban-line  in the west of the the Alston sim.
finally reaching MBYC, this is the end of first leg, the one mark “one” map.
It’s time to rest, reflect and check myself if i am really, really willing to do this journey.

next day: 20110431


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