logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/05/15 7

As awoke the Proprietress, Alison, of this splendid flower-meadow i slept on (and rolled out maybe some), where there. She is a so wonderful person and were not shouting cause the mess with her green. If sailing next to this relaxing outpost be nice, donate some and hope to meet Alison.
Before sailing in the former unknown water, which isn’t any more due Alison gave me generously maps of it, managed to sneak through the neighborhood and met friendly Jule on His plot. He looked a bit as if it were forgotten where He sank the beer 😉
Sailing through the north of the Heterocera Atoll is mostly easy and i discovered this not often seen edge-cutting Open-/ELYD50 (were 2007 Manuls ballast on it at a time where LL not pulled my beloved windlight back)
The Moles have build this wonderful rezz zone which looks a bit like some Adriatic coast parts. This could be a nice start for sailing as well as to have a break for the night too.

previous day: 20110514

next day will come 🙂


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