logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/05/14 6

After a wonderful relaxing night on the sofa under the tent of the sky i started from this peaceful and creative pier the last of my known turns to round the Atoll.From tomorrow there will be only unknown water for me.
one parcel-Owner needed to block with a non-phantom mega-prim the half of a tight channel. Lil wonderful harbor to fill up food, well the harbor-bar is closed. As spying through the window i see some dirty glasses still standing on the counter. Looks like thee were a big party i just missed.
stopped by a nice made SLCG station. Moored some and walked a bit around the public ground floor. There is an lil gallery of SLCG-events with real nice photos.
finally reached the last known LCC-outpost on my Atoll-cruise
Companion’s Point is the most north-eastern point of the Atoll. Here is so much to explore, but my first choice is the flower-full green. It’s so terrific to just lay on your back with closed eyes in the sun, feel the grass tickling skin and hear bees buzz around while smelling flowers.
Thank you 🙂

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next day: 20110515


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