logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/05/08 5

after some walking through the near small city it were time to sail on. This part let me sail through waters i already met 2 years ago, but many of the bad is gone and the regions get much better to sail, even if the channels here are still so tight.
on the afternoon i came along an impressive big harbor and steel work with connection to the SL-railway. Here is the other end of the continents red-line (Heterocera Main line) rail-road, so it should be able to round the Atoll by rail too.
In the direct neighborhood, some in the east is a friendly pier to moor for some and walk over to the industrial museum like production spot. Even if the green dots on the mini-map seam to me a lil bit stronger as usual, i am real inquiring in the this hard job the workers need to do on this hot blast furnace and maybe one could explained it me. 😉
some hours later the wind toke me to the north some, as it will need to do now for the next many sim-miles. For the night there were a wonderful pier with a sofa under the clear sky in an amazing creative sim hold just by a free to join group.

previous day: 20110507

next day: 20110514

left Sansara today.


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