logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/05/07 4

Today its time to leave Sansara and enter the Heterocera Atoll.The time on the L-shaped-lake sims were so relaxing. Even if my old friend, who i hoped to meet, didn’t show up the hole week. Good that i’ve remembered where He put the key to His nice house 🙂
There is no doubt on this tiny boat anymore. The T12, from grandiose Trudeau shipyard, proofed itself in real rough SL-weather on the second part of this cruise and i will sail it with joy around the hole Atoll. A real good friend and fantastic sailor spend me His wonderful company on this difficult part.
on our way to the north a stronger wind from north-east forced us to sail a zigzag course over tree sims in tight channels. But finally we reached the open water and due the weather of this critical open water passage looks good and the time run out i brought my good friend to the express TP on the oil-rig at ANWR.
some sim-miles later i reached safe with wonderful weather my destination for the day, Cecropia. In the near is a SL-railway-station and some nice shops to fulfill our basic longing for shoes or other essential things of life.  

previous day: 20110501

next day: 20110508

left Sansara today.


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