logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/05/01 3

Early on the next morning fixed the boat and continued sailing from LCC-Outpost, Kaminari to the north to reach the nice L-shaped-Lake.
Just some sim-miles before the tinny passage to enter the east-end of the lake i moored for some silent moments on the LCC-Outpost, Epi-Center.  
stopped by this wonderful light house and met the reborn bone who were lazy enough to sail some sim-miles with me.
from the east the wind helped me over to the west-side of the lake and i moored on the first 16 sims SL ever saw, near the ‘Ivory tower‘, played the game ‘find the oldest prim’ of SL (Well mine is 18. Oct. 2002 🙂 ) and were some on the swing of the playground beside with a friend.

previous day: 20110431

next day: 20110501


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