logbook – rounding the Atoll 2011/04/31 2

stayed over night at MBYC, the home of former known MBCC, now LCC and toke some snoops around this nice place.
Packed all up again on the 2nd day to continue my cruise and bumped into a nice MBYC-member.
Kip, decided to sail with me the next part to the new LCC-Outpost, Kaminari.
The weather were so harsh as it has not been since month, i guess at least every sim-crossing made us swim after the boat.
Oh, that were so hard, but Kip toke it with so much impressive patience.
Making matters worse, the cam dropped in water and the new rc of my viewer didn’t liked His new home so much and tried to escape also a bit. But the “2”-mark on the map is reached.
But after miles of swimming and diving we reached totally exhaust the redemptive LCC-Outpost.
“Oh Orca, thank You” i were whining and break down in a dream full sleep of a uniform party (me and uniform? not really) with may people dancing wild. Hey, is that You Jane and Chaos?

previous day: 20110431

next day: 20110501


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