rounding the Atoll

since some there where the thought about rounding the Heterocera Atoll again, but this time take the outer route and do it counter clockwise.


some things need to get organized…

the course

will start in known, safe water to test the material some.

The idea is to do the rounding this time on the outside edge of the Atoll counter clockwise.

maybe the stream of water on the edge of the sims will be powerfully on that continent, so some extra ropes will be taken with.

what could be nice first legs to sail?

Starting at Free Adriatic” sailing northward

stopping by at east rivers community and sail some more to the north.

westward to the MBYC for a stop to check out the heard of sell.

south-east to the new LCC-outpost.

some to north-north-west in the l-shape lake to visit an old friend and tickle Him some about this&that. Oh that will be fun and maybe He likes to sail the next leg with me.

Northward and passing this memory full ANWR and finally meeting the Atoll.

sailing to the north east and taking a look for the Besma Art Center.

sail to the most east edge of the Atoll and

cutting the water to the LCC-outpost in Atolls north-east which will be a nice stop and refill.

starting to paint a huge map of what will (pink) and what is (hot-pink) sailed, locations i visited get a yellow dot:

which boat

which boat should i choose?

the weather might be nice and there will for sure be real difficult small passages to sail where bigger boats would run aground. So i would love to choose the new t12, but..
on the other hand a cabin of a knockabout or one gives me in unknown land some safety-promise which attracts me real.

will need some moments to think about… due i love this tiny nutshell and were never logical (some do believe i am totally insane as usual), will sail the tiny t12 and buy a fresh pepper spray, even if my old got never be used. Yes, yes the ship has not much to offer in rough sea, but the hole route will be guarded by the coasts. It couldn’t hold much baggage so my CC will help out. T12 do not have a cabin, but a tent and in that unknown land will be nice ppl give me a room.

take withs

my cam for sure and
some extra roles ilford pan F+ too,
but this time primary i will do this digital snappies

some extra sails of finest quality

extra ropes to secure me&nutshell against the sim-edge-flux.

things to leave behind

things not ppl 😉

computers, handy, stress and all other annoying

really thought to leave even the gps behind, but didn’t

next legs to sail?

the wind will show me if being there.

so GOGOGO! (or ‘first day’)

second day

third day

forth day

fifth day

sixth day

seventh day


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