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sailed the north

May 21, 2011

on seventh day the passage on the northern part of the Atoll continent were delightful and easy to sail. Alison gave me her maps of the region so the cruise from this last known LCC-Outpost were less dangerous as feared.


reached north-east corner

May 15, 2011

on sixth day the winds directed me to the north-east corner of the Atoll continent. This is the last known LCC-Outpost on my cruise. From now there need not only to be the right wind…

reached south-east corner

May 14, 2011

on fifth day the winds let me reach the south-east corner of the Atoll continent.

reached the Atoll

May 8, 2011

after mostly relaxed sailing with often wonderful company about now four days (1, 2, 3, 4), with many stops and much sneaking around, i reached yesterday the atoll.